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PhalloFILL® Before And After

Patient received PhalloFill enhancement with 21 units

PhalloFILL® Before And After

Patient received PhalloFill enhancement with 20 units

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Penis Enhancement Before and After

For years, women have enhanced their bustline, lips, cheeks, buttocks, and more to achieve the look of their dreams. These aesthetic enhancements impact self-image, increase confidence, and help them feel sexier for their partner. With safer and more widespread medical solutions, penis enlargement is joining the cosmetic procedure lineup.

If you’ve wondered whether penis enhancement is the right decision for you, you are probably facing a lot of questions. Will the procedure really produce results, or is it just snake oil? Is the procedure safe? What’s involved in the process? And why should you choose PhalloFILL® as your penile enhancement solution? Keep reading for these answers and more.


The number one concern on every man’s mind when they visit this page is, “What are the likely results from this treatment?” PhalloFILL® is committed to helping men achieve their goals both safely and effectively. Whether your penis is small or has irregularities, or you’d just like to go bigger, PhalloFILL is the fully customizable and natural solution to penis enlargement.

There is no proof like real-life penis enhancement before and after photos. Above are two examples, and our full library with more than 50 patient outcomes is just a click away. Complete the contact form above for full access to our library.

For more proof, read what PhalloFILL patients have to say (just a few of the many):

“I was impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise that the team at PhalloFILL displayed. They made the entire process easy and stress-free, and the results were fantastic. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need.”

“Two thumbs up. I recommend to all my friends who are even considering it to go in and talk with them. Couldn’t be happier with my results.”

“I’ve had four treatments at the Dallas location. Almost too good to be true… but it is true. The staff treats you with dignity and privacy, and the results are perfect. I can’t even tell it has been enhanced, other than I see the size increase. And I’m more confident. Thank you!”

“I can’t even begin to express how happy I am with the results of my treatment with PhalloFILL. My wife is so pleased as well. It’s so natural. I never thought this could be possible. Highly recommended.”

“My penis feels so real, and it’s so BIG. My wife hasn’t flirted with me in years, and now she sends me text messages asking me what my new porn star name is going to be. The PhalloFILL enhancement has changed my marriage and given me a self-confidence I never knew I could have…This has been an amazing experience.”

What Are PhalloFILL® Injections?

PhalloFILL penile injections are a safer, better way to improve penis girth. Your provider will numb your penis with a tiny, hair-like needle before injecting a natural substance called hyaluronic acid into the penis shaft in small amounts for uniform growth.

Hyaluronic acid has a long track record for safety in the medical community and is commonly used as a facial enhancement filler.

Hyaluronic acid slowly metabolizes over time, and the longevity can vary depending on where it’s placed in the body. Because there is low lymph flow in the shaft of the penis, and because our providers know exactly how to inject the hyaluronic acid between skin layers for the maximum effect, PhalloFILL injections can last for several years. Small maintenance treatments every 12-18 months can maintain the enhancement indefinitely, and patients have the ability to address and correct irregularities at any time.

Can PhalloFILL® Make the Penis Head Larger?

PhalloFILL injections are given between tissue layers along the shaft of the penis in an area with less lymphatic drainage and blood flow. The penis head (glans) has more blood flow, and the body will metabolize the filler much quicker. Injecting the head is ineffective for long-term results. PhalloFILL injections along the shaft increase the girth of the penis, which adds to your overall size. This can make the entire shaft and glans appear larger.

Does Hyaluronic Acid Lengthen the Penis At All?

PhalloFILL is great for girth enlargement and can give you more visible length when flaccid due to the filler volume and weight, but it has no impact on erect length. Lengthening the penis is dicey. Here’s why:

  • Suction apparatuses used for lengthening draw blood from other parts of the body into the penis, but only for a few minutes.
  • Weights can lengthen the penis, but they can cause circulation problems and damage penis structures.
  • Surgery to cut the ligament holding the penis in place lets it hang lower but can backfire. The scar tissue can tighten, shortening the penis over time. Severing the ligament can also cause instability when erect and make function during sex more challenging.
  • Traction is a possibility if done right, depending on the device you use. Some traction devices can impede circulation. If your time is limited, this is not the best solution for you, as lengthening through traction can take hours each day.

Note: PhalloFILL doesn’t lengthen the penis. Looking at before and after pictures, you may notice the penis appears longer. This can occur due to the added weight and volume of the filler. PhalloFILL can often help reduce shrinkage, creating a visible lengthening effect; however, erect penis length will remain the same.

Why Choose PhalloFILL®?

PhalloFILL is the leading hyaluronic acid enhancement company. Our providers create consistent and highly customizable results. Only the highest-grade HA with the best track record is used for client satisfaction.

Our method and products have an unbeatable safety profile. Millions of hyaluronic acid filler injections are administered nationwide each year without reported complications. In rare cases where the hyaluronic acid filler has migrated, resulting in unevenness, the filler can be simply and safely reversed. That’s the beauty of hyaluronic acid—it’s 100% reversible.

Alex Tatum and Amy Pearlman, the company’s top medical advisors, are both fellowship-trained, board-certified urologists with specializations in male health and sexual medicine. Together, they monitor and review data to ensure that PhalloFILL remains a safe and effective option for men to reach their body goals without compromising their health, sexual function, or sensation.

What Are PhalloFILL’s® Benefits?

Improved confidence has many benefits, including enhanced sexual pleasure and performance. Self-consciousness, on the other hand, can lead to erectile dysfunction and hesitation to enter intimate relationships. Whether you’re looking for a boost in confidence or just want to go bigger, the penis enhancement before and after photos will give you an idea of results that can be achieved with PhalloFILL.

The benefits don’t end with you. They can serve your partner as well. Both male and female partners have reported greater pleasure with PhalloFILL. For Women, PhalloFILL creates greater clitoral and vaginal stimulation, especially after vaginal childbirth, which can alter the anatomy and ability to experience sexual pleasure.

Are PhalloFILL® Injections Safe?

Yes. PhalloFILL has an impressive safety profile due to the technique and products used. Hyaluronic acid, being a naturally occurring bodily substance, bypasses the body’s normal immune response to foreign substances. It is well-tolerated and completely reversible. With an injection of hyaluronidase, you can dissolve or soften the hyaluronic filler to correct any irregularities or even reverse the process completely.

Other types of permanent filler can’t be easily reversed. Oftentimes, surgical intervention is required to remove permanent filler, presenting additional risks. PhalloFILL migration is rare and easily corrected—without surgery.

Are Penis Injections Painful?

“As someone who was nervous about any surgical enhancements, PhalloFILL was the perfect solution for me. The procedure was quick, painless, and effective. I’m so glad I trusted the team at PhalloFILL to help me achieve my goals.”-Google Review

This is just one of many reviews affirming the pain-free nature of our penile enhancement injections. Just thinking about penis injections can make any man uncomfortable, but not to worry. Our patients rave about how quick and comfortable the procedure is.

The provider will numb your penis using a small, hair-like needle. Once you are numb, the provider strategically injects small amounts of hyaluronic acid filler to minimize migration and absorption. Patients can watch a short video, listen to music, or read during treatment. Treatments can be administered over a long lunch, and you can return to work immediately afterward.

After treatment, you can expect some tenderness and bruising but not outright pain. All discomfort should dissipate within a week.

You’ll leave the clinic with specific post-care guidelines and a compression garment to keep the penis in an extended position, limit bruising, and help anchor the filler while it bonds with the surrounding tissue. During the first 7-10 days, you will need to avoid sex and self-pleasuring, but other than sexual activity, you can return to normal social and work activities immediately.

A flowering herb named Oral arnica or a pineapple enzyme called bromelain can be taken to help heal the bruising faster. Some clients opt to take them prior to the procedure for the quickest possible healing time.

Do I Need Penis Filler Injections?

Based on patient testimonials and reviews, the overwhelming conclusion is that PhalloFILL injections improve overall self-image without causing harmful side effects. If your penis size weighs on your thoughts, or if you want to spice up your love life, consider PhalloFILL injections as a safe and effective way to meet your body goals.

Can I Resume Workouts After Treatment?

We recommend you stick to light cardio and low weights to minimize sweating during the first three days of recovery. This prevents sweat and bacteria from irritating the injection sites. After three days, you can resume normal training routines.

Can I Have Sex After Treatment?

A 7-10 day abstinence is recommended after penile fillers before you resume sexual activity. This allows the filler to stabilize and helps maintain filler placement while it bonds with your natural tissue.

How Do HA Injections Affect Sex?

After treatment, the penis grows proportionally larger both flaccid and during an erection. You should experience normal function during sex. Both male and female partners report improved sensations during sex after penile injections, with more significant contact for vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation, especially for women after vaginal childbirth.

Are All HA Injections Similar?

While the components are similar, the delivery method and safety profiles vary from company to company. We see three common mistakes made by other providers:
  1. Placement Problems: Many providers inject the penis in the wrong space. Patients soon see their newfound gains in size melt away as the body reabsorbs the filler. PhalloFILL providers, however, are trained to find the sweet spot. Low lymph and blood flow allow the injection to stay put.
  2. Over-fill: Some providers inject too much hyaluronic acid per session, causing an immune system response. There are minimal safety concerns when using hyaluronic acid, but an inflammatory response can cause the body to prematurely metabolize the product. Again, it’s a waste of product and the patient’s time and money for little result.
  3. Inadequate Training: Some providers don’t have sufficient training to inject hyaluronic acid strategically to correct irregularities and build natural-looking layers. The hyaluronic acid girth enhancement before and after photos show a variety of anatomies and results that can be aesthetically pleasing based on the individual goals of each patient. In order to administer PhalloFILL, providers must undergo the appropriate training. Our success lies in our quality control and high standards.

Will There Be Follow-up PhalloFILL® Treatments?

All hyaluronic acid injections metabolize to some extent. Although this may seem a disadvantage, it’s a huge benefit due to the dissolvable nature of these products. Migration can occur with any injectable filler. Hyaluronic Acid allows us to correct irregularities non-surgically, whereas permanent fillers require surgical removal.

Reabsorption varies slightly according to individual metabolism. Minimal touch-up treatments every 12-18 months can maintain the enhancement indefinitely. If you metabolize filler slowly, you may need as little as two units. If you are someone who metabolizes filler quickly, you could need as many as four to six. The maximum loss of filler we’ve seen over 12-18 months after appropriately placed injections is .25 inches.

What Are Some Typical Results with HA Injections?

Patients routinely see an increase in their penis girth of 0.25-0.3 inches per treatment. If you want to add a full inch in penis circumference, you’ll likely need three to four treatments. Treatments are usually four to six injections. The length of the penis will determine how much you need per treatment. For men with longer anatomies, more injections may be necessary for optimal results. Most of our patients find growth between .5 and 1 inch to be the right fit. Some go larger based on their aesthetic outcome and goals.

Is PhalloFILL® Costly?

PhalloFILL is priced competitively to allow more men to get the treatment they deserve. Our clients get a discount for purchasing 10 injections up front. The discount increases if you buy 20. The credits do not expire and can be used immediately, or you can save any remaining units for annual touchups. Financing options are available at some locations.

PhalloFILL injection recipients overwhelmingly report that the results make the investment well worth it.

How Can I Get Started with PhalloFILL®?

Fill out the form above to get access to our before and after library. You will be contacted to address any questions (either by text or a complimentary phone consultation). You can ask any questions you may have about the procedure, find a PhalloFILL provider near you, and arrange for a consultation at your convenience. Our team is glad to help.


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