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Everyone is talking about PhalloFILL®, and rightly so. When you find a male enhancement treatment with medical efficacy, a proven track record, and the satisfaction rate that our patients enjoy, news will naturally spread. 

EXCLUSIVE: Men are injecting … filler into their PENISES to add inches of extra girth
The Hard and Fast on Penis Filler, a Growing Injectable Trend
Penis enlargement is on the rise: Filler shots are ‘all the rage now’
What to Know About Nonsurgical Male Enhancement Using Filler
A little extra artillery
A man spent more than $6,000 on penis fillers to increase his girth by 2 inches. Here’s how they work and what it feels like.

PhalloFILL® Livestream Sessions

Our livestreams are a great way to learn more about the world of girth enhancement. 

Livestream 1 - Girth Enhancement 101: Understanding the Basics with Live AMA

Livestream 2 - Girth Enhancement 101: Pain vs. Sensitivity and What to Expect?

Livestream 3 - The PhalloFILL® Experience: LIVE Patient Testimonials


Podcasts that feature PhalloFILL®. 

A Sex Olympics?!?! Turned On June 8, 2023

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