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The PhalloFILL® Enhancement is based on a unique combination of medically administered penile girth enhancement techniques


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PhalloFILL® is a safe and proven procedure for girth enhancement and penis enlargement. Experience the Power of PhalloFILL®: The Pinnacle of Penile Enlargement Injections

Elevate your confidence and transform your intimate experiences with PhalloFILL®, the ultimate solution for men seeking dependable and efficient penile enhancement. As a trailblazer in girth enhancement and penis enlargement, PhalloFILL® has an unmatched track record of delivering safe and consistent outcomes, redefining the standard for penile enhancement.

PhalloFILL® treatments are performed exclusively by our certified doctors or technicians, who have undergone rigorous training to ensure the highest level of care, accuracy, and artistry. Our proprietary injection filler is skillfully applied, guaranteeing remarkable girth improvements tailored to each individual client.

The true power of PhalloFILL® lies in its adaptability, allowing clients to achieve their desired outcomes, whether subtle or dramatic, all within their personal preferences and budgetary considerations. Embrace the life-changing effects of PhalloFILL® and put an end to feelings of inadequacy with a series of fast, simple, and highly effective treatments.

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How PhalloFILL® Works to Increase Penis Size

PhalloFILL® is a cutting-edge penis enlargement technique that employs FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to augment the penis and adapt to each patient’s unique anatomy. These fillers boast a proven track record of safety and efficacy in the aesthetics industry.

The enhancement process unfolds over multiple treatments, typically yielding up to 1/4 to 1/3 inch of extra girth per session. With two treatments, clients can achieve approximately 1/2 inch of increased girth, while 3-4 treatments can result in an impressive additional inch. Having completed thousands of treatments, PhalloFILL® has emerged as the premier HA enhancement option. The procedure’s success and unwavering commitment to penile enlargement are a testament to PhalloFILL®’s excellence.

PhalloFILL® - Oklahoma City, OK, Located at Oklahoma Men's Clinic

PhalloFILL® is proud to work with Dr Ahmed to provide the PhalloFILL® enhancement in the Oklahoma City area. 

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Dr Ahmed

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic
3727 NW 63rd St. #100
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

About Dr. Ahmed

Dr. Ahmed, at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic is a highly experienced and compassionate Urologist specializing in anti-aging and sexual medicine. Dr. Ahmed trained as a Urologist in England where he later developed an interest in Men’s Sexual Health and Anti-Aging therapies promoting sexual performance and longevity.  Dr. Ahmed is highly skilled with an international background in Medicine having been a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in UK and Ireland, while also obtaining his Diploma in Urology from London, followed by a Board certification in Antiaging Medicine with fellowship training in Metabolic medicine here in the US.  Dr. Ahmed is a leading practitioner in the field of Men’s Health, offering expert diagnosis and treatments for reproductive system disorders. His unique approach to patient care involves a strong focus on anti-aging and Men’s Sexual Health, helping patients maintain their Sexual Health and vitality as they age.

Oklahoma Men’s Clinic specializes in treating Men’s health by addressing a wide range of sexual dysfunctions and disorders. The team at Oklahoma Men’s Clinic understand the intimate and sensitive nature of sexual health concerns and provide a safe and confidential environment for patients to discuss their issues.  The comprehensive approach to patient care encompasses physical, emotional, and mental well-being, providing personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy and individual needs

PhalloFILL in Oklahoma City With Dr Ahmed
Whether you are seeking treatments for Sexual Health and Performance or Regenerative or Anti-Aging aging, Oklahoma Men’s Clinic can help you address and overcome these intimate challenges through advanced cutting-edge treatments.  Dr. Ahmed is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness at every stage of life, helping patients perform optimally both physically and mentally though added confidence and self-image. Oklahoma Men’s Clinic practices a wellness-based approach to medicine that includes a focus on Men’s Sexual Health and Wellness. Optimizing and empowering men and their partners to experience the most out of their sexual relationships is a personal mission for us. We have been privileged to help thousands of patients restore their sexual potency through our comprehensive approach with advanced treatments for hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, trimix therapy, cellular medicine and stem cells, the O and P Shots, nutritional optimization, and close personal one on one discussions.  Aesthetic treatments for male enhancement have become one of our main services complimenting other therapies that help men look, feel, and perform their best with added sexual confidence and satisfaction for themselves and their partners. Oklahoma Men’s Clinics is conveniently located within a short drive to Will Rogers World Airport allowing men to fly in an out the same day for treatment.

From the Doctor

“With PhalloFILL® we can continue our mission to provide the best possible sexual wellness opportunities for our male patients and the partners that love them. Penile girth enhancement is a fantastic and effective medical solution for certain men that can improve the quality of their sexual satisfaction and the satisfaction for their partners. PhalloFILL® uniquely offers a safe and effective proprietary medical method unlike anything available on the market, providing a customizable and aesthetically appealing result that lasts. We are beyond proud to offer PhalloFILL® to our patients and be part of the impressive PhalloFILL® network and organization.”
– Dr. Ahmed

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