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PhalloFILL® Packages

– All of our packages are medically administered at PhalloFILL® approved provider locations only.

– Each provider sets their own pricing however, you can see the common price ranges below.

– You may also purchase single units of treatment to add on to any package at the same price.

– Financing available at select PhalloFILL® treatment locations.

4 Units

$2,800 - $3,100

4 Units is usually the minimum for noticeable results in both look and feel.

6 Units

$3,900 - $4,350

Max Size In Single Visit - Some Patients May Require 2 Visits.

Financing Available at Select Locations

6 Units is the maximum allowable for some individuals on a single visit. Some patients will require a second visit depending on their physiology. At 6, significant improvement in girth is visible. This is also the minimum package size for our financing option.*

10 Units

$5,500 - $6,250

Requires Two Visits

Financing Available at Select Locations

The 10 unit package is the best for most men. Most will receive 5 or 6 units on a single visit. So with this package, most average men can get visibly noticeable girth increases with just two visits. 

20 Units+

$9,900 - $10,900

Requires Four to Five Visits

Financing Available at Select Locations

The 20 unit package is for men who want a substantially noticeable increase. At 5 to 6 units per visit, this package will require that you visit us four to five times. 

Customizable Size 


PhalloFILL® is highly adaptable to your goals. Whether you want to supplement with just a little girth enhancement or go all out and get huge, all you have to do is pick the number of treatment units you want.

– Units of treatment are measured as one 1.2 ML syringe.

– The minimum treatment is 4 – 6 units.

– You can get up to 6 units with just one visit.

– For maximum size, you should expect over time to get 20 to 30 units.

– Pricing is reduced the more units you buy!

– Most men average an increase in girth of about 1  1/2 inches flaccid and 1 inch erect after 20 – 30 units.

Most men will gain overall girth increases of 0.25 inches to 0.3 inches each session, or an average of an overall penile girth enhancement of 1 to 1.5 inches or more after multiple sessions depending on the goal of the patient.  Any reasonable girth can be achieved with multiple sessions.

Not sure what you want? Request access to our before and after gallery here (NSFW). 

Penile Enlargement Injections Cost

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Add ¼ inch to ⅓ inch of penile girth (roughly 4-6 units)

Total cost = approx. $2800–$4350

Add ½ inch to ⅔ inch of penile girth (roughly 10 units)

Total cost = approx. $5500–$6250

Add 1 inch of penile girth (roughly 20 units)

Total cost = approx $9,900–$10,900


Maintaining your enhancement usually requires just 2 to 6 units every 12 to 18 months.

Contact us to find out if financing is available through a PhalloFILL® provider near you.

PhalloFILL® Cost Vs. Benefits

It could be tempting to see our penile enlargement injection costs simply as the price per syringe rather than taking into account all of the benefits of PhalloFILL®. Consider these major advantages of PhalloFILL® over other treatments:


Hyaluronic acid dermal filler is the only filler affirmed by top urologists as well as the Sexual Medicine Society. This is due to the unprecedented, high safety profile and the fact that it can be reduced non-surgically if needed.


Many other injection treatments are permanent, so if they don’t work and you end up with a disfigured penis, you’re stuck with it. Doctors favor PhalloFILL® because it uses hyaluronic acid, which is completely reversible. With any injection, filler can migrate or too much can be added, which can distort the shape of the penis. Should this happen with hyaluronic acid, you can soften, reduce, or reverse it non-surgically.


Some treatments offer one-size-fits-all plans, but we recognize that everyone’s body and goals are different. We offer packages that help reduce the price of the treatment, as well as individual unit add-ons. The result is that you can get the penis size you want at a price that works for you.

Beyond Dollar Signs

While the bottom line is important, so are several other considerations, like better self-image, greater satisfaction during sex, the ease of reversal if so desired, and the phenomenal safety track record. Then, you can compare the girth injection cost to other procedures and the costs associated with reversing those procedures if you suffer from known side effects.

PhalloFILL® Cost Vs. Self-Image

Predatory sales practices are designed to make you feel “less than” and insecure. Manufacturing companies set an impossible standard of physical attractiveness by hiring models and pretending the models are normal. They airbrush and manipulate images till the models are flawless on the page or TV screen. You never see their mistakes, their wrinkles, gray hairs, or less-than-perfect poses. The photographer may take a hundred photos before choosing one where the lighting, position, and angle come together just right.

The purpose of advertising is to make you want to buy the product. How better to do that than to claim their product will bridge the gap between the average man and the model’s perfect picture. You’ll be more handsome, more desired by prospective partners—better off all around than you were before you used their product.

Unfortunately, their practices make people self-conscious and self-critical. It’s not enough to be average; you always have to be extraordinary.

In this society, the penis is the ultimate symbol of masculinity and virility. As such, the penis becomes a focal point as men judge their own attractiveness. Men may wish their penis was straighter, thicker, or longer, that their genetics gave them an edge physically. Only recently have men been able to do anything to answer that need.

Men today have a distinct advantage over their forebears. Thanks to women’s pioneering efforts into the world of cosmetic enhancement, the same products used to fill cheeks and lips, enlarge breasts, and lift butts have been tested for use as penile enlargement products. Some products are safe and helpful, while others prove dangerous and painful. You’ve waited long enough for a safe and effective product to hit the market, making your penis goals well within reach.

Not only have PhalloFILL® hyaluronic acid in such a way that dramatically slows reabsorption, makes it possible to correct dips and bumps, and reduces the likelihood of your immune system attacking the filler as a foreign body.

For the first time, men can address their self-image problems directly, attaining any reasonable-sized girth and a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance in just weeks. Our patients agree this is well worth the cost.

PhalloFILL® Cost Vs. Increased Sexual Pleasure

Confidence is a mighty aphrodisiac. On the other hand, when you are with your partner, any self-consciousness about the size of your penis can really kill the mood. Wondering how your partner sees you and whether they are pleased with the appearance of your penis puts you too much in your thoughts and takes you out of the present moment. Real pleasure for both parties is part physical and part mental. You want to focus more on the sensations you’re experiencing and the physical reactions of your partner rather than second-guessing your manhood at that critical moment.

If you are self-conscious about the size of your penis, PhalloFILL® can seriously boost confidence when you’re naked and as you engage in sex, getting you out of your thoughts. That confidence can help you be bolder in the bedroom, which in turn can spice up your love life.

PhalloFILL® isn’t just for people who are self-conscious, however. Many men just want to go bigger to have better, more fulfilling sex lives. Sometimes, size does matter, and if you’ve always wanted to go big, PhalloFILL® is the safe way to do that without compromising physical sensation or experiencing dangerous side effects.

Your partner will also appreciate the added girth. Both women and men report greater physical sensation when a penis is thicker. The hyaluronic acid feels natural rather than rigid or uncomfortable for you or your partner. During an erection, the penis grows proportionately with the added circumference of the filler. That means better contact during penetration and better clitoral stimulation, even after a woman has given birth and her anatomy has changed. You and your partner can return to the same sexual experience you had before your children.

PhalloFILL® Cost Vs. Complications and Reversal

The problem with the unfair social stigma associated with penile enhancement is the ability of predators to play on people’s insecurities. Just like abortions before they were legalized and normalized, shady characters open clinics and then do hatchet jobs on their clients.

If you type in “botched penile enhancement,” you’ll come across many stories about clinics with unlicensed surgeons and surgeons doing unapproved procedures with horrible results. Even with approved procedures, many penile enhancement products can have nasty side effects.


Weights: Using weights attached to the penis to stretch it can damage the structure of the penis and doesn’t increase girth.

Traction Devices: There are traction devices that can work for penile lengthening if worn regularly for extended periods. The problem is that they can impede circulation, and they don’t increase girth.

Silicone Filler: The FDA issued warnings regarding the complications that accompany the use of silicone filler. Silicone filler can migrate to undesirable locations. Reversing silicone and other types of permanent fillers can necessitate a surgical degloving of the penis. (Degloving means the surgeon peels back the skin of the penis in order to make repairs. Once they remove the migrating filler, the skin is sewn back into place.) Degloving can cause nerve damage, making your penis numb. Without sensation, it’s difficult to achieve erection. It is important to fully understand the products that are being injected into your body. Silicone filler should never be considered.

PMMA or Poly Methyl Methyl Cryolates: Acrylic plexiglass-type beads can be inserted into the shaft of the penis. They can also distribute unevenly or migrate, creating irregularities in appearance, scar tissue, and complicating penetration during sex. PMMA irregularities could require degloving to correct.

Pumping: A pump or suction apparatus can draw blood to the penis. Unfortunately, the gains in size last only minutes before you return to normal.

Radiesse: Used as a cheek filler, crushed calcium has also been used as a penile filler. However, Radiesse has a higher chance of creating granulomas (clusters of cells that surround and isolate foreign bodies to prevent them from harming other structures). Granulomas can be painful and unappealing, and they have been known to grow as big as a golf ball.


Suspensory Ligaments/Division Surgery: Surgeons may cut the ligament to allow the penis to hang lower. However, the scar tissue that forms may actually shorten the penis in the long run and make it unstable when you have an erection. This instability can hamper sexual performance.

Implants: Surgeons may use implants to improve penile girth, but implants can cause some severe complications. These include nerve damage, which creates a loss of sensation and makes it difficult to get or keep an erection.

ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix): Surgeons take human cells formed in-vitro and implant them into the penis. As with other implants, even using natural materials, you can experience a loss of sensation that makes erections challenging. Any resulting irregularities could mean another surgery to correct the situation.

Fat Grafting: A surgeon extracts fat cells from the inner thigh or buttocks and fills the penis shaft. The benefit is that your body won’t reject the fat cells, but the procedure has a low success rate. Unfortunately, most of the transplanted fat cells die, and the body metabolizes and reabsorbs them. This rarely happens uniformly, causing irregularities in appearance and function.

Why So Many Patients Say PhalloFILL® is Worth the Cost

PhalloFILL® is a safe and effective alternative to the many surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement procedures. Hyaluronic acid, as previously mentioned, is a naturally occurring substance in the body, which means your body receives it well, and side effects or adverse events are extremely rare (typically less than a 1% chance using PhalloFILL®’s preferred filler).

The provider uses a tiny hair-like needle to numb the area, then injects small amounts of filler between two layers of tissue along the shaft of the penis. The smaller amount lets the body adjust without inciting an immune system response. PhalloFILL® providers use five units per session on average.

Other providers can inject too much hyaluronic acid into the shaft at one time. The body reacts and attacks the filler, reabsorbing it into the body. By doing so you’ll increase the likelihood of migration and wind up with less to show for your efforts and money. They may also inject the HA incorrectly, resulting in reabsorption. PhalloFILL® makes sure all of the associated providers are trained to better ensure proper placement as an effort to maximize longevity and filler retention.

You will find our penile enlargement injection costs to be very competitive compared to other methods, and our reasonable pricing is only magnified by the intangibles of PhalloFILL®’s safety, excellent track record, and ability to boost confidence and sexual pleasure. We are committed to helping you reach your goals safely.

Will There Be a “Cost” in Terms of Downtime After PhalloFILL® Injections?

After each session, you’re given after-care instructions and a compression garment to help the penis stay extended and hold the filler in place while it bonds to the surrounding tissues. The procedure is minimally invasive and allows you to return to work after treatment without a hitch. You will need to abstain from sex for roughly 10 days before resuming normal sexual behaviors.

There is a minimum of three weeks between sessions to allow adequate time for the filler to stabilize and bond with your natural tissue before adding more. Over time, you build up layers of HA filler, gradually correcting any natural irregularities for a smooth and aesthetically pleasing appearance, both flaccid and erect.

If for any reason the filler gets displaced, a simple injection neutralizes the filler, and it dissolves. This is very important. No invasive or expensive surgical corrective procedures are needed. In fact, even if you wanted to reverse the whole process, the dissolving agent could dissolve all of the filler, returning you to your pre-procedure size with neither loss of sensation nor loss of function during sex.

PhalloFILL® offers minimal risk, minimal inconvenience, and virtually no downtime.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of penile enlargement, PhalloFILL® is the obvious choice due to its safety record, easy reversal process, and because PhalloFILL® providers have the training to make the treatment uniform and long-lasting. Every penny you spend goes to fulfilling your desire, and nothing is wasted. Text us to schedule a complimentary phone consultation with our team at your convenience.

With an understanding of your goals, we can estimate the number of treatments you will need to reach your desired girth and go over specific penile enlargement injection costs. Any reasonable goal can be achieved with this fully customizable procedure. You may also take a look at the gallery of before and after pictures to see for yourself how PhalloFILL® results can look with different levels of treatment.

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