Male Enlargement Injections Cost

Easy to get started

1. Decide how much bigger you want to get.

2. Talk to us about where you’d like your PhalloFILL® treatment done.

Customizable Size 


PhalloFILL® is highly adaptable to your goals. Whether you want to supplement with just a little girth enhancement or go all out and get huge, all you have to do is pick the number of treatment units you want.

– Units of treatment are measured as one 1.2 ML syringe.

– The minimum treatment is 4 – 6 units.

– You can get up to 6 units with just one visit.

– For maximum size, you should expect over time to get 20 to 30 units.

– Pricing is reduced the more units you buy!

– Most men average an increase in girth of about 1  1/2 inches flaccid and 1 inch erect after 20 – 30 units.

Most men will gain overall girth increases of 0.25 inches to 0.3 inches each session, or an average of an overall penile girth enhancement of 1 to 1.5 inches or more after multiple sessions depending on the goal of the patient.  Any reasonable girth can be achieved with multiple sessions.

Not sure what you want? Request access to our before and after gallery here (NSFW). 

PhalloFILL® Pricing

– All of our packages are medically administered at approved provider locations only.

– Each provider sets their own pricing however, you can see common price ranges below.

– You may also purchase single units of treatment to add on to any package at the same price.

– First time patients may be subject to modest physician fee.

4 Units

$2,800 - $3,100

4 Units is usually the minimum for noticeable results in both look and feel.

6 Units

$3,900 - $4,350

Max Size In Single Visit - Some Patients May Require 2 Visits.

Financing Available at Select Locations

6 Units is the maximum allowable for some individuals on a single visit. Some patients will require a second visit depending on their physiology. At 6, significant improvement in girth is visible. This is also the minimum package size for our financing option.*

10 Units

$5,500 - $6,250

Requires Two Visits

Financing Available at Select Locations

The 10 unit package is the best for most men. Most will receive 5 or 6 units on a single visit. So with this package, most average men can get visibly noticeable girth increases with just two visits. 

20 Units+

$9,900 - $10,900

Requires Four to Five Visits

Financing Available at Select Locations

The 20 unit package is for men who want a substantially noticeable increase. At 5 to 6 units per visit, this package will require that you visit us four to five times. 

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