Penis Enlargement Injections

There are a lot of pressures on men these days, not the least of which is to look and perform a certain way. That’s as true below the waist as it is above. Your manliness can feel tied up in the size of your penis, even though this is not an accurate indicator of who you really are.

The penis can be viewed as a status symbol in human sexuality, and you may feel surrounded by messages that you don’t measure up. You may wish your penis was straighter and thicker. These thoughts can weigh on you, making you feel “less than” or complicate your sex life. On the other hand, you may feel adequate yet desire a little more, and that’s ok, too.

If feelings of insecurity about your penis size are holding you back, you may have considered enhancement options. But unfortunately, there’s a double standard between men and women. It’s viewed as normal and acceptable for women to enhance the symbols of their sexuality, such as by getting a breast augmentation or butt lift. Nobody seems to bat an eye when women plump up their lips or cheeks. Yet when a man seeks penile enlargement, it may be viewed as a dirty little secret—something they feel nervous to even speak about with their doctor.

PhalloFILL® is proud to empower men to achieve their goals without fear of stigma or health risks. We offer a low-hassle, low-risk solution that allows you to achieve the penis size you desire so that you can progress with a strong sense of confidence and self-assurance.

The process doesn’t need to cramp your routine or schedule–you can accomplish it over a long lunch break and immediately return to work. Your enhancement can look natural rather than artificial. You can expect your enhanced penis to retain full sensation and function during sex. You’ll enjoy the full confidence that comes with pleasing your partner physically and aesthetically.

If feelings of insecurity are weighing you down, or you’re simply looking to spice it up, PhalloFILL is the penis enlargement injection solution. Let’s take a deep dive into how it can work for you and why you should choose PhalloFILL over other penis enlargement methods.

What Are Penis Enlargement Injections?

Penile injections are the newer, safer way to improve overall girth. Your provider numbs your penis before injecting small amounts of hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance in the body) into the shaft for smooth and uniform growth.

Hyaluronic acid is already used as a filler in facial enhancements and has a long, established track record in the medical community. This reliably safe substance could be injected into other areas of the body and metabolize quickly without a significant effect. However, PhalloFILL injections last longer because the shaft of the penis has low lymph flow.

Does PhalloFILL® Lengthen the Penis?

No. PhalloFILL is a dermal filler for penile girth enlargement. Lengthening the penis can be hazardous. Here’s why:
  • Suction devices draw blood into the penis, but the effect lasts only a few minutes.
  • Weights (a popular but problematic option for penis lengthening) can cause circulation problems that create lasting damage.
  • Surgery to sever the ligament gives the penis a little length but can backfire. The ligament sometimes heals wrong, and the scar tissue tightens, making the penis shorter in the long run. Additionally, cutting the ligament can make the penis unstable when erect and can interrupt its function during sex.
  • Traction can work if done right, but there are risks depending on the apparatus you use. Some devices can cut off circulation. The right device can be effective; however, results generally only come after hours of daily traction. If you have a busy schedule, this is probably not the best option for you.

Even though PhalloFILL isn’t designed to lengthen the penis, if you look at before and after pictures, you’ll see that the injections can actually make the penis appear longer. This is because the injections add weight and volume, helping reduce shrinkage and creating a lengthening effect.

Can PhalloFILL® Make the Penis Head Larger?

Injections for penile growth are used in the dermis layer of the shaft, where there is less blood and lymph flow. The head of the penis has too much blood flow and will metabolize the filler quickly, making such a procedure somewhat of a waste of money. So while injecting the head can be seen as ineffective, injecting the shaft enlarges the penis overall.

Are Penile Fillers for Everyone?

Like most body enhancements, the need for penile fillers is relative. The overwhelming consensus is that our male enhancement injections improve self-image and build confidence, and they do so without harmful side effects or loss of function.

Whether or not to get penis girth injections is a personal choice each man needs to make for himself. If your concern over your penis size is significantly affecting your quality of life, it is worth considering penile growth injections. It’s also worth considering injections if you want to spice up your sex life, especially if you are a couple who has been together for long periods or experienced changes in anatomy due to factors such as vaginal childbirth.

What Are the Benefits of PhalloFILL®?

Greater confidence has far-reaching benefits, not only in the locker room but also during sex. While being self-conscious can cause erectile dysfunction, confidence can boost performance and enhance sexual pleasure.

The benefit isn’t just for our male clients, however. Women praise PhalloFILL. Whether it’s to spice up their love life or get more pleasure from sex after childbirth has changed their anatomy, women report greater stimulation during sex after their partner has received our penile growth injections.

Are PhalloFILL® Penis Filler Injections Safe?

PhalloFILL has an impressively high safety profile. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring bodily substance and is completely reversible. A simple injection of hyaluronidase can soften or dissolve the hyaluronic filler if there are any irregularities, or in the very rare event you want to dissolve it all.

This process is unique. While fillers will bond to the surrounding tissue, care, time, sexual lifestyle, and individual metabolisms can occasionally cause migration. With traditional fillers, migration can cause damage. With PhalloFILL, on the other hand, migration can be corrected. Should you experience any problems, it is easily neutralized and disappears with a simple injection, meaning these are fully customizable penis filler injections.

Are PhalloFILL® Injections Painful?

Thinking about injections in the penis is enough to make any man squirm, but don’t worry. Our clients rave about how little discomfort they experience.

There is an injection of numbing medication at the start of the treatment using a hair-like needle. Using this tiny needle prevents major discomfort. Once the penis is numb, the treatment is quick and painless.

After treatment, there may be some bruising and tenderness but no throbbing pain (and any discomfort should dissipate completely in less than a week). You’ll be provided specific post-care instructions following treatment to help keep the penis extended and compressed so as to limit bruising and maintain filler placement. Normal social and work activities may continue without interruption.

Oral arnica (a flowering herb) or bromelain (a pineapple enzyme) may be taken to help bruises heal faster.

What About Workouts?

For the first three days of recuperation, we recommend that men stick to light weights and light cardio to minimize sweat while the injection sites heal. After that, they can resume their normal workout activities.

How Long Before Sex?

For best results, we recommend a 10-day abstinence after penile fillers before resuming sexual activity.

What Are the Other Options for Penile Enlargement?


Implants: Surgical implants may work for overall growth, but they can cause severe complications, not the least of which is a loss of sensation from nerve damage that can make it difficult to get or sustain an erection.

Fat Grafting: Taking fat cells from the butt or inner thigh and filling the penis shaft sounds good, as there’s no chance your body will reject the cells, but there’s a low success rate. Most fat cells don’t survive and are metabolized and reabsorbed into the body, causing irregularities that may require surgical correction.

Suspensory Ligaments/Division Surgery: Cutting the ligament can make the penis look longer because it is no longer suspended as high. However, the build-up of scar tissue can actually shorten it over the long run, making it unstable during an erection. This can limit sexual performance.

ADM (Acellular Dermal Matrix): With this process, human cells grown in-vitro form a sheet of tissue that is placed inside the penis. Again, surgical implants, even of natural materials, can cause loss of sensation and make erections difficult to achieve or maintain. And any resulting irregularities may require correction through surgical intervention.


Platelet-Rich Plasma: PRP has proven successful in healing injuries and helping patients with erectile dysfunction, but it has not been shown to be useful in augmenting thickness or length.

Pumping: Using a pump or suction device draws blood into the penis, but the effects are very short-lived, often lasting only a few minutes.

Traction Devices: The right traction devices can work if worn for a long time, as long as they don’t impede circulation. While they can improve length, they don’t increase the size of the penis.

Weights: Weights can damage the penis and will not increase girth.

Silicone Filler: There are FDA warnings due to the accompanying complications of silicone filler. This filler tends to migrate to unwanted locations, and reversing silicone and other permanent fillers requires surgical degloving of the penis. With degloving, medical specialists peel the skin from the penis, make repairs, then reattach the skin. Degloving can cause significant nerve damage, leaving the penis numb and unable to achieve erection. This treatment can increase the width but not the length of the penis.

Radiesse: This cheek filler, made largely from crushed calcium, may work in the cheeks. However, you get poor results when it’s injected into the penis, including a higher rate of the formulation of granulomas. (Granulomas are clusters of tissues and cells where the body’s immune system tries to isolate a foreign body by building walls around it.) These clusters can be painful and unsightly and grow as large as golf balls.

PMMA or Poly Methyl Methyl Cryolates: Acrylic plexiglass-type beads are inserted into the penis and can distribute unevenly, causing irregularities in appearance like hills and valleys, creating scar tissue, and causing challenges for penetration during sex. These irregularities often require surgical degloving to correct.

Are All Hyaluronic Acid Injections the Same?

While the basic building blocks are the same, the delivery method is different from company to company. Three common mistakes we see include:

  1. Over-fill: Providers inject too much HA in a single session, which causes an immune system response. While there are no major complications when using HA, an inflammatory response causes the body to absorb the product, which can leave the patient with nothing to show for his money.
  2. Placement: Many providers fail to inject the penis in the proper space. Improperly placed injections will dramatically speed reabsorption and compromise results. Those trained to deliver PhalloFILL, however, know the sweet spot that has low blood and lymph flow. PhalloFILL providers ensure proper placement and quantity of injection so that the penis will retain the HA with natural-looking results.
  3. Modeling: Many providers just don’t have the training to strategically inject filler material so that it corrects any irregularities for a bold, natural appearance.

What Are Typical Results with PhalloFILL®?

A typical patient will see an increase in girth of 0.25-0.3 inches after each treatment. It usually takes three to four treatments to increase penis size by 1 inch (measured while the penis is flaccid). Each treatment typically ranges from four to six injections depending on the length of the penis. Occasionally, more injections are needed for longer anatomies. Most patients are happiest adding between .5 and 1 inch in girth.

How Often Will I Need to Renew My PhalloFILL® Treatment?

All HA injections reabsorb to some extent, though placement decides how fast it absorbs. The maximum size loss over 12-18 months when the injections are appropriately placed is .25 inches. Reabsorption depends on individual metabolism. An annual touch-up session can maintain the desired penis size indefinitely.

How Do Penis Enlargement Shots Affect Sex?

The penis will grow larger with the injections and function normally during sex. Both men and women have reported increased sensation as a result of penile injections. They report experiencing more significant contact for clitoral and vaginal stimulation, as well as anal, especially for women who have given birth.

Is PhalloFILL® Expensive?

PhalloFILL is competitively priced to allow broad use of the treatment. Our clients receive a price break for buying 10 injections up front. The decrease is more dramatic if you buy 20. The injections can be used all at once or spread out over years for touch-ups; they never expire. If needed, there are financing options. Those who receive PhalloFILL injections overwhelmingly report that the benefits of the injections make the investment in the procedure well worth it.

Why Choose PhalloFILL® for My Penile Growth Injections?

PhalloFILL is the best hyaluronic acid penile injection company, creating customizable and consistent results. We only use the highest-quality hyaluronic acid with the longest track record for success. With over 6 million injections delivered nationwide and no reported complications, HA is the obvious choice for men who want enhancement without medical complications.

The company’s lead medical advisors, Drs. Alex Tatum and Amy Pearlman, are board-certified and fellowship-trained urologists who primarily specialize in men’s health and sexual medicine.

The goal at PhalloFILL is to provide men with a safe and affordable option that creates lasting results without compromising penile function and full pleasure sensation.

How Can I Get Started with PhalloFILL®?

Our products and practices speak for themselves. Have a look at our before-and-after page of satisfied customers. If you’re thinking about penile girth enhancement with dermal filler and would like more information before making a decision, find the PhalloFILL location nearest you and give us a call.


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