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The PhalloFILL® Enhancement is based on a unique combination of medically administered penile girth enhancement techniques


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No Surgery

Professionally Administered



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PhalloFILL® is the revolutionary treatment in girth enhancement and general penis enlargement which continues to deliver results that look and feel natural. Previous hit and mis attempts, or non-existent results have left many patients dissatisfied and discouraged. We’re about consistent, real, and predictable results that last. PhalloFILL® is the proven, professionally administered treatment for getting visible and potentially dramatic size increases. PhalloFILL® is unique in its approach to create the most natural yet noticeable girth enlargement possible.

PhalloFILL® allows you to achieve size gains that haven’t been possible with other techniques or providers. PhalloFILL® uses stringent protocols and products that are highly customizable. From small boosts to large and with the ability to “sculpt” the treatment, we can achieve considerable results that meet the goals of nearly every patient.

How PhalloFILL® Works to Increase Penis Size

PhalloFILL® is a penis girth enlargement technique involving hyaluronic acid filler (HA) injections used to enhance the penis in such a way that compliments each patient’s natural anatomy. PhalloFILL® uses only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers which have been proven safe and effective in the aesthetics industry for 20 years or more. Enlargement happens over the course of several treatments with a typical outcome of as much as 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch in additional girth after each visit. Roughly 1/2 inch in additional girth with 2 treatments or 1 inch with 3-4 treatments.

After thousands of treatments, the PhalloFILL® technique has become the most refined HA enhancement on the market. We take extreme pride in the art of penile enlargement and the results speak for themselves.

Learn more about the PhalloFILL® enhancement and some of the FAQ’s here.

PhalloFILL® - Newport Beach, CA, Located at the practice of Dr. John Laura

PhalloFILL® is proud to work with Dr. John Laura and his practice to provide the PhalloFILL® enhancement in Orange County. 

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Penis Enhancement with Dr. John Laura – Over 20 Years of Experience

Dr John Laura brings over 20 years of experience pioneering advanced cosmetic, anti-aging, regenerative and medical techniques that trend away from invasive surgeries with prolonged downtime for men and women. For men, these services include male enhancement, bioidentical hormone therapies, body contouring (including pec & glute sculpting), anti-aging (including alpha jawline treatments, wrinkle reduction and hallow eye correction), skin rejuvenation (including acne scaring), laser hair removal, hair replacement, joint rejuvenation injections, and more. Dr Laura’s team has been performing penile girth enhancement for years and in collaboration with PhalloFILL®, is advancing that knowledge and expertise with other practitioners around the Country. Dr John Laura and his team provide specialized care and personalized treatment plans for each patient in order to provide customized outcomes that let nothing hold you back. All of our partitioners undergo ongoing, advanced training criteria and we utilize only the most advanced technologies available including the PhalloFILL® enhancement, a nationally recognized approach with specialized protocols to better ensure a natural aesthetic result. Dr John Laura’s practice is conveniently located on the water in Newport Beach on Pacific Coast Highway and Route 55. If you are traveling from out of town for your PhalloFILL® enhancement, you’ll have easy access to the clinic with a short 60 minute drive from San Diego and only 10 minutes from John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. The clinic is located walking distance to Lido Village, the home of Nobu, Malibu Farms and The Lido House hotel – a five-star Autograph Collection property.

From the Doctor

“Male enhancement is the next wave of helping men achieve an added level of comfort and confidence. While man male-enhancement procedures have historically involved risky surgery and varied outcomes, that is no longer the case. FDA approved filler represents an exciting new opportunity for physicians like myself to provide out-patient, immediate results with minimal risk to men. I am proud to be expanding my girth enhancement offerings in my practice through an exciting collaboration with PhalloFILL – the first nationally recognized option for cosmetic penile girth enhancement. PhalloFILL’s combination of meticulous technique and process results in unparalleled results for men, time and time again. It’s this reproducibility and reliability that set PhalloFILL apart from every other option on the market. If you’re a man who has always wanted a bit – or a lot – more, this is a safe and proven option to let nothing hold you back.”
– Dr. John Laura

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