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The PhalloFILL® Enhancement is based on a unique combination of medically administered penile girth enhancement techniques


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No Surgery

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PhalloFILL® is a safe and proven procedure for girth enhancement and penis enlargement. It uses a unique combination of techniques and specialized compounds to increase both girth and flaccid size. Before PhalloFILL®, there were limited safe options for non-surgical girth enlargement. The PhalloFILL® method has been perfected to deliver consistent results for individual patients with unique anatomy. The procedure has proven safe and effective over thousands of successful treatments for clients seeking improvement in their penis size and shape. PhalloFILL® can achieve both subtle and dramatic results, including correcting minor shape or direction issues.

How PhalloFILL® Works to Increase Penis Size

PhalloFILL® is a penis enlargement procedure that utilizes FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to enhance the penis and complement each patient’s anatomy. These fillers have a long history of safety and effectiveness in the aesthetics field.

The enlargement process is achieved through several treatments, with a typical result of up to 1/4 to 1/3 inch of additional girth per visit. Two treatments can result in an increase of approximately 1/2 inch, while 3-4 treatments can lead to an additional inch of girth. With thousands of treatments performed, PhalloFILL® is now the most advanced HA enhancement available. The success of the procedure and the dedication to penile enlargement is a source of pride for PhalloFILL®.

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PhalloFILL® - Tulsa, Located at Tulsa Men's Clinic

PhalloFILL® is proud to work with Dr. Cai to provide the PhalloFILL® enhancement in the Tulsa, OK area. 

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Dr. Cai

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Penis Enhancement with PhalloFILL® & Tulsa Men’s Clinic

Dr. Cai, at Tulsa Men’s Clinic, is a highly experienced Neurosurgeon specializing in anti-aging, metabolic health, and sexual medicine. Dr. Cai graduated from Tongji Medical University and began his medical career as a Neurosurgeon in China. Upon relocating to the USA, he continued his career to become a pediatric neurosurgeon in Arkansas and Oklahoma. In Tulsa, Dr. Cai established the pediatric neurosurgery service, ensuring that patients could access high-quality specialty care locally. Known for his precise surgical expertise and compassionate bedside manner, he garnered the trust of patients and their families. Dr. Cai earned fellowship status with The American College of Surgeons.

Upon retiring from neurosurgery, Dr. Cai developed a keen interest in helping patients dealing with hormonal deficiency, overweight issues, and sexual dysfunction. Having completed specialized training, Dr. Cai now offers high-quality treatments to help his patients with leading-edge solutions. His expertise extends to providing expert diagnoses and treatments for reproductive system disorders in both men and women.

Dr. Cai, Neurosugeon
Tulsa Men’s Clinic specializes in treating Men’s health by addressing a wide range of sexual dysfunctions and disorders. The team at Tulsa Men’s Clinic understand the intimate and sensitive nature of sexual health concerns and provide a safe and confidential environment for patients to discuss their issues. The comprehensive approach to patient care encompasses physical, emotional, and mental well-being, providing personalized treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy and individual needs. Whether you are seeking treatments for Sexual Health and Performance or Regenerative or Anti-Aging aging, Tulsa Men’s Clinic can help you address and overcome these intimate challenges through advanced leading-edge treatments. Dr. Cai is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness at every stage of life, helping patients perform optimally both physically and mentally through added confidence and self-image. Tulsa Men’s Clinic practices a wellness-based approach to medicine that includes a focus on Men’s Sexual Health and Wellness. Optimizing and empowering men and their partners to experience the most out of their sexual relationships is a personal mission for us. We have been privileged to help thousands of patients restore their sexual potency through our comprehensive approach with advanced treatments for hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, TriMed therapy, cellular medicine and stem cells, the O and P Shots, nutritional optimization, and close personal one on one discussions. Aesthetic treatments for male enhancement have become one of our main services complimenting other therapies that help men look, feel, and perform their best with added sexual confidence and satisfaction for themselves and their partners.

From the Doctor

“PhalloFILL® empowers us to continue with our mission of delivering the highest quality wellness options to our male patients and their supportive partners. With safety at the forefront of male enhancement, PhalloFILL offers a reliable solution to adding size and confidence with the flexibility of reversal at any time.” – Dr. Cai

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