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The PhalloFILL® Enhancement is based on a unique combination of medically administered penile girth enhancement techniques


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PhalloFILL® is a safe and proven procedure for girth enhancement and penis enlargement. Discover PhalloFILL®, the innovative solution for girth enhancement and penis enlargement that is both secure and efficacious. PhalloFILL® employs a distinctive blend of methods and specialized substances to boost girth and flaccid dimensions, offering a dependable non-invasive option for those seeking enhancement. With its sophisticated approach, PhalloFILL® consistently provides customized results that cater to the unique anatomy of each patient. The safety and effectiveness of PhalloFILL® are backed by thousands of triumphant treatments, empowering clients to achieve their desired size and shape, ranging from subtle refinements to dramatic transformations, including rectifying minor shape or directional issues.

How PhalloFILL® Works to Increase Penis Size

PhalloFILL® relies on FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to amplify the penis in accordance with each patient’s specific anatomy. These fillers have earned a strong track record of safety and effectiveness within the aesthetic industry. The enlargement process unfolds over multiple sessions, with an average girth increase of 1/4 to 1/3 inch per treatment. Clients can anticipate a gain of around 1/2 inch after two treatments, and an impressive additional inch after 3-4 sessions. As the premier HA enhancement on the market, PhalloFILL® takes pride in its unwavering dedication to penile enlargement success and the exceptional results of the procedure.


PhalloFILL® - Deer Park, IL, Located at Defined Medical Aesthetics

PhalloFILL® is proud to work with Dr. Daryl McKee to provide the PhalloFILL® enhancement in the Chicago area. 

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Dr. Daryl McKee
Defined Medical Aesthetics
21660 W Field Pkwy
Deer Park, IL 60010

About Dr. Daryl McKee


Dr. McKee received his medical training at the University of North Texas Health Science Center where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Medical Science. He continued with his studies and completed medical school at Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. After finding his fascination for surgery he trained in Obstetrics & Gynecology in Chicago, IL practicing at both Mercy Hospital Medical Center and Loyola University Medical Center.

Prior to medical school, Dr. Daryl McKee started in aesthetics working as a technician at Phallofill’s founding clinic. He carried his aesthetics passion into his personal life competing in Men’s Physique competitions for numerous years, and even obtaining the title as an IFBB Professional Men’s Physique competitor. After practicing medicine in Chicago, and returning to work with his aesthetic mentors, Dr. McKee re-found his professional passion in aesthetics. During his time practicing, Dr. McKee has always been known to be a compassionate and trustworthy advocate for his patients. He finds the balance between his medical expertise and a patient’s requests to ensure only the best outcomes for their care. As an osteopathic physician, he leverages his medical training in holistic medicine and aesthetics to ensure personalized patient care plans that help individuals reach their anti-aging, aesthetic, and overall wellness goals.

Dr. Daryl McKee’s practice, Defined Medical Aesthetics, is located in Chicagoland nestled between the Barrington and Deer Park communities. Located in this North West Suburb of Chicago, Dr. McKee’s practice is only 45 minutes from downtown Chicago. For out-of-state travelers, it is conveniently located a short 20-minute drive from O’Hare International Airport, a 1-hour drive from Milwaukee, WI, and only a 2-hour drive from Madison, WI.

From the Doctor

“Aesthetics and self-care have primarily been an industry and business catered to women. I believe it is time for a new age of aesthetics where men should feel comfortable pursuing care options that help them look and feel great. Even though male enhancement techniques are not completely new, I have seen the inconsistency in outcomes from other methods. It is clear from my own experience taking care of PhalloFILL patients, that PhalloFILL has perfected their meticulous technique and filler choice to provide a consistently exceptional outcome that far surpasses any other on the market. I strongly believe PhalloFILL should be a consideration for every man who desires to look and feel confident in all the right areas. I am proud to be a PhalloFILL provider to my patients near and far and highly encourage you to consider PhalloFILL.”
– Dr. Daryl McKee

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