Girth Enhancement 101: Understanding the Basics

Girth Enhancement Understanding the Basics

Women report they prefer girth to length in a sexual partner. A girthier penis hits more erogenous zones.

Men turn towards penile girth enhancement to feel more self-confident in the bedroom or at the pool, gym, or locker room.

Wanting a thicker penis has never been more common or more achievable than today.

Naturally, men have all kinds of questions before they undergo any treatment or procedure on a body part as sensitive and essential as their genitalia.

Below, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about growing girthier down there.


Men have two avenues for changing their penis size: surgical and non-surgical.

1. Surgical Penile Treatments

Surgical methods include

  • Implants–inserting silicone into the shaft
  • Fat grafting–liposuction fat from the abdomen or inner thighs and inserting it into the shaft
  • Suspensory ligament division–cutting the ligament that attaches the shaft to the pubic bone so that the penis hangs lower and appears longer
  • Acellular dermal matrix (ADM)–placing a sheet of skin cells grown in-vitro underneath the skin of the penis to bulk it up

All surgery requires general or spinal anesthesia and longer recovery times than non-surgical methods. Most surgical procedures treat erectile dysfunction (ED) or penis length but not girth (except ADM).

Also, many surgical options have low satisfactory ratings and high incidences of causing hard knots to form in the shaft. These knots are known as granulomas or nodules. In addition, surgery can cause scarring, long-term pain, injury, or a shortened penis.

Furthermore, patients have very little recourse if they don’t like the results. For example, fat grafting often fails because the fat tissue rarely survives after the surgery. Men end up with lumps throughout the shaft if cells don’t survive. On the other hand, men are typically unhappy with the marshmallow soft phallus if fat cells do survive. They have few options to solve a too-soft phallus and more surgeries to remove lumps as they form.

2. Non-Surgical Penile Treatments


P-shots provide good results for ED yet short-lived results for girth growth, often due to inflammation. It involves spinning platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood and injecting it into the penis. It can help with a better erection and promote healthy tissue.

Pumping/Traction Device

These tools temporarily swell and enlarge the penis. A suitable device worn for a long time under the right conditions can elongate your manhood. Still, results vary widely by device and proper usage.

Weights or Suction with Weights

We never recommend weights. Still, we wanted to let you know these devices exist. The effects of weights and suction methods can range from none on the light side to disastrous on the heavy side. Plus, they require you to use them while standing, which has historically decreased compliance.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are a man’s best option for increasing girth. Not all are created equal, though. Let’s discuss your dermal filler options.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

This treatment yields the most satisfactory and natural results for increasing girth. Our bodies contain a lot of naturally occurring HA. The body recognizes it as a friendly agent instead of attacking it as a foreign invader. The FDA cleared hyaluronic acid for use in 2004.

What’s especially helpful is that HA isn’t permanent, allowing patients to customize the results and revert anything they don’t love using hyaluronidase.

In contrast, permanent materials require a degloving process to fix and repair abnormalities. Degloving is when a surgeon cuts around the head and peels back skin to remove permanent materials. It’s a painful process that could cause damage to nerve endings, which could prevent normal use of the genitalia.

Not all HAs are the same quality. Ask your provider about adverse events that can cause complications, such as granulomas, nodules, and hypersensitivity to the ones they use.

Silicone Filler

Despite its clearance for “medical grade” uses, silicone fillers injected into the body come with many warnings and complications.

While medical-grade silicone is approved to come into contact with the body, such as with medical tubing, it wasn’t meant for injecting into the body.

Poly(methyl methacrylate)

Poly(methyl methacrylate), or PMMA, has been used as filler in the past. The problem is that PMMA is essentially an acrylic plexiglass. This treatment has high complication rates and a concerning history of incorrect procedures.


Radiesse is a cheek filler essentially made from crushed calcium. It yields poor results and high incidences of granulomas.

Exploring Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers for Girth Growth

If it sounds like hyaluronic acid (HA) girth enhancement is the way to go, you’re not alone. Many men and urologists have reached the same conclusion.

Below, we’ll discuss HA fillers more.

The Process

Doctors inject the shaft with Lidocaine using the tiniest of needles. Such a small needle reduces the pain of the Lidocaine injection. The Lidocaine numbs the shaft, so the patient doesn’t feel the HA injections.

Naturally, men have anxiety over treatments involving injections for penile growth. Luckily, most men (about 99%, by provider estimates) rate their experience on the pain scale as one or two out of 10, meaning hardly any pain at all.

Doctors report seeing no evidence of pain during the treatment–No wincing, jumping, cringing, moaning, or complaining.

Could the area be numbed without an injection?

You wouldn’t want anything else. Here’s why:

The challenge with topical anesthetic is that it doesn’t work well for pain management in that area. Plus, it takes a long time to work.

More extreme forms of numbing, like nerve blocks, dorsal penile blocks, and ring blocks, are too invasive and require more than an HA procedure needs.

Another bonus of Lidocaine is that it continues providing numbness for hours after the procedure. Patients feel virtually nothing during their treatment and continue through their recovery day feeling pain-free.

Girth Goals and Expectations

On average, girth grows by ¼ to ⅓ of an inch each treatment. 1-1.5 inches is about the maximum most guys aim for, although some go larger. If you want to increase by 1 inch, that’s three or four treatments.

Penis length matters only when it comes to the necessary amount of filler used in their girth treatments. Longer lengths require more dermal filler.

Most patients opt for somewhere between 19-24 units of dermal filler to reach their just-right size.

HA dermal filler treatment is temporary, which is excellent for customizing to your liking. The body naturally metabolizes the familiar hyaluronic acid over time.

The most filler loss seen in a patient in one year is ¼ of an inch. Once you’ve reached your girth goal, a minimal treatment every 12-18 months is typically all you need to maintain the enhancement.

To Be Continued…

We’ve only scratched the surface of the foundation for girth enhancements. Stay tuned for our second blog to get to answer more of the most common questions.


Men seek penile girth enhancement to boost their self-confidence in various situations. Before undergoing any non-surgical treatment, they have numerous questions. This infographic explores common inquiries about non-surgical girth enhancement.

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