Normalizing Girth Enhancement

Normalizing Girth Enhancement

Men, let’s normalize real talk about a potentially “sensitive” subject–penis girth enhancements.

Men have many reasons why they might want a bigger member. And these days, many options are available to them for growing girthier anatomy, from surgical to non-surgical.

One particular treatment stands out as the gold standard. It’s the safest, yields the most consistently favorable results, and doesn’t involve invasive or costly surgeries.

Let’s have an open and honest discussion about girth enlargement. We’ll talk about how typical it is to want a bit more size and the benefits it can have on a man’s life. Along the way, we hope to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Penis Enlargement–As Normal as…

First, know that there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to wanting a thicker member. It’s as natural as women wanting breast implants or Botox to enhance their physical appearance.

Women undergo anatomical enhancements regularly, so much so that it’s no longer a faux pas to talk about it. Many who have had breast augmentation, facial fillers, or liposuction openly share their desires to change their bodies and their past experiences with different procedures.

Ever heard of a Botox party? Injecting Botox treatments into the face became so desirable and routine (and a status symbol) that women stopped trying to hide the fact that they “had something done.” Instead, they embraced it and turned it into a social event with their best friends.

Gastric bypass, facelifts, nose jobs–changing outward appearance isn’t new. It is commonplace. No male should be embarrassed about enhancing their penis to feel better about themselves, fit societal expectations, or spice things up in the bedroom.

The Benefits: Confidence From the Outside In

From breast implants to facial fillers, women pursue cosmetic enhancements to feel more confident about their appearances.

Women report feeling better about themselves when they make their bodies match what they thought they should look like, whether with larger breasts, tighter skin, or something else altogether.

Similarly, men don’t always feel confident in their appearance, either. From pop culture and TV to music and pornography, males get the impression they must be huge to be a worthwhile sexual partner or to possess masculine qualities. The expectations are even higher for men of color, which can lead to poor self-image even if a man is larger than average.

In reality, the average penis length and circumference are 5.5 inches long by 3.5 inches in (flaccid) girth. However, society’s recent preoccupation with longer and bigger sizes has made men self-conscious about their size despite being at or above average. It’s led to anxiety and small penis syndrome, which affects relationships and performance in the bedroom.

Often, men want a change because they feel their size is inadequate. Other times, changes in their partners’ bodies can spur their desire for growth. Women’s bodies change after childbirth, which can cause them to feel less sensation during intercourse. Penis enlargement can help with that, too.

Sometimes, confidence only comes from the inside once it starts on the outside. Like a woman who desires larger breasts or a person who wants to lose excess weight, changes to the outward appearance can begin a cascade of positive internal and external changes that boost self-esteem.

Men wanting a bigger size for greater self-confidence, better body image, or overall enhanced pleasure in the bedroom have options. We’ll skip the details of the inferior ones (for now) and go straight to the facts about a man’s best bet for growing and showing.

Hyaluronic Acid Treatments for Girth

So far, there are no treatments on the market we recommend for lengthening the penis. Stretching or traction tools are your best bet, but results vary widely, and some tools are more dangerous or useless than others. Buyer beware.

However, length shouldn’t be your goal; width should be, and here’s why:

Research shows that a larger circumference is where it’s at. A longer penis can actually cause your partner pain because your partner has only so much depth to spare. However, they are more flexible in accommodating wider widths. Due to the nerve endings in sexual organs, wider widths lead to better stimulation (for both partners) and more pleasure.

So, men desiring a larger size want to focus on increasing their girth instead of length.

Luckily, one type of girth treatment is the best we’ve seen in history for creating bigger phalluses. It’s called hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections, or HA for short.

It’s the safest method of non-surgical penile girth enhancement. This treatment has a much higher satisfaction rate than other kinds, like the P-shot or fat grafts.

HA fillers are the same filler used in cheeks and lips. But unlike lip and cheek areas, fillers injected between two stable fascia layers in the penis last a lot longer–even indefinitely with proper maintenance treatments.

HA is more natural to the body than other fillers used in the past, like silicone. Silicone is FDA-cleared for use in medical tools but not as a liquid injected into the body. In contrast, HA is found in abundance naturally in different body parts. Providers have safely used it to plump up volume in various body areas since the FDA cleared its use in 2004.

Wanting to Get Huge is Normal

So, there you have it. Many men desire to be more well-endowed, not unlike women who have felt the same about their breasts or hiding wrinkles on their faces.

Wanting a girthier penis has never been more normal. And there’s never been a safer, more effective treatment for growing girth than today’s HA dermal filler injections for immediate size increases. It’s quick, more approachable, and reversible, eliminating the risk of surgical correction and other disfigurements caused by permanent filler.